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SJGC Fraternity Annual meet 2013
Sjgc Fraternity annual meet 2nd oct 2013 in Keshav memorial auditorium, Narayan guda, Lane beside Deepak theater.
Last Updated On:21/09/2013
Greate Achivement
"Fraternity is very happy to inform the Members that the Government have sanctioned Rs.5.75 Crores for additional accommodation & renovation of Hostel and Silver Jubilee Government College , Kurnool . 50 % of the amount,, that is Rs.2.875 crores is released for utilization during the financial year , 2007 - 2008 ."" for getting this fund there is a lot of commitment and hardworking of early batch old students and Dr. Ramanaiah ex. principal of silver jubilee college.
we are very grateful to the persons involved in this big task mainly Dr. Ramanaiah garu. and college and fraternity remember for ever their contribution.
Last Updated On:22/09/2012
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